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Best Shoes For Nurses – How To Choose Best Nursing Shoes?

By on January 31, 2014
Best Shoes For Nurses

12 hours shift and all the time standing, walking and even running on hard tiled floor of hospital when any medical emergency arises. Nursing job is one of the special job that needs attention to your feet and calls for a perfect shoe, as nurses are always on the move. There is no any debate neither any doubt that an every nurse should have the best shoes. While provide care to patient it becomes mandatory to you to take care of your own feet, knee joints and legs. Overall it’s you that will care for your own health. Without having a good support of quality shoes you will not be able to concentrate on your work for long shift of twelve hours. If a nurse fails to get a best shoe for herself, she might end up having heel pain, shin splints and numbness of lower extremities. But when you log yourself on computer screen to find the best shoes for nurses; you will get tired of so many promotional articles that keep saying there shoes are the best fit for every nurse.

But why should every nurse trust them? Or should every nurse who is on hunt for shoes rather try to take a her own approach at this whole matter?

After going through so many useless and few helpful reviews we got to a point where so-called advice on buying shoes is worthless and a nursing shoe can be a great fit my nursing assistant but might be a horrible choice for my ICU nursing in-charge and actually it is a buyer who should acquire the required information on more than one shoes and then only decide which one is best fit for herself.

But let me assure you that finding a comfortable nursing shoe whether it is for men or women is not a so difficult task. And in our search for a perfect set of nursing shoes, after researching & going through the lot of customer reviews; we narrowed down few shoes for both men & women that really offers quality for their money. If you are a working nurse and want to purchase the best shoes that fit to your feet then you must provide your attention to pros and cons of certain shoes. Believe us, there is nothing out there in shops that is 100% perfect but some of nursing shoes can actually get pretty close to what you will want.

There are few points that you must look while choosing a shoe for yourself. We have outlined few of them as follows -

 1. Shoes must give comfortable feel

2. Shoes must be breathable to keep your feet dry and should be made out of light weight material.

3. They must have great arch support and nice cushioning for feet.

4. Shoes should be non-slippery.

5. They must be a good looking shoes as you going to use it in hospital.

6. They must be available in different size, shapes, and colours.


There are many other factors that we need to be considered while choosing a best nursing shoe.

Shoes with Low Heel

Many nurses assume that a shoe that has flat soles will be good for their feet during their standing duties in hospital. But the truth is that the shoes with completely flat soles never make a good choice of shoe for your feet especially they are not the best shoes for nurses. Many experts suggest to have a little heel to nursing shoes may be at least 0.25″. This little heel will provide you a good arch support and comfort to your soles. One most important thing every nurse should consider that she should never wear a shoes with high heel. High heel always hurts the knees and feet’s.


Large Toe Box Shoes

Nursing shoes must have a large toe box to them as after working for long time your feet end up with little swelling and to accommodate that swelling your shoes must have a wider toe box. Especially in the evening you might observe that your feet got little swelling. While buying the best shoes for nurses try to buy a shoe which will have enough room for your toes and you can wiggle your toes. Do not buy shoes that have tight toe box.


Shoes with Lace-up facility -

Try to get a pair of shoes that either have lace-up or velcro strap facility.  Laces r velcro straps helps to prevents from sliding your feet forward while walking. Lace up shoes provides extra safety and avoids unnecessary movements of feets.


Arch support must be good -

A good shoes is that which have good arch support and comfort. It is important for a profession like nursing to stand all the day to complete their work and in such situations you must wear a shoe that provides good arch support. SO whenever you buy a shoe for nurses, have a look at it heel and arch support. Hell must be little elevates but must not be so high that will cause injury to legs. Before you really buy some pair of shoes never forget to read the reviews by users and what they want to say.

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